• "Our relationship with iknowvate has deepened significantly in the last 12 months. The team brings to bear a unique combination of industry knowledge, insightful thinking, ability to go deep on an industry, and capability to deliver actionable recommendations"
    Leading Manufacturing major

  • "We have learnt a lot working with iknowvate; they have proven to be the best compared to many consulting majors .iknowvate is thorough, modest and excellent"
    Leading Systems Integration & Technology Distribution Company

  • "We have extensively used iknowvate in many strategic assignments and always found their input and their recommendations to be of very high order both in terms of quality as well as value"
    A leading FMCG Company

  • "We needed advice on an Entry strategy and action plan into a new business segment in India. The work done by iknowvate was comprehensive, detailed and most importantly provided insight into where and how to invest as also the required scale to be cost competitive. Iknowvate leveraged their Center for Frameworks & delivered on their commitments on time. We have since worked with iknowvate on 6 additional projects. They continue to deliver high quality with commitment and are cost effective."
    A leading Services Major Headquartered in the US

  • "The dedication, commitment and diligence demonstrated by the iknowvate Business Strategy vertical has continuously challenged us and kept us ahead in our business."
    A manufacturing major based in the Middle East

  • "We engaged iknowvate´s Business Specialisation vertical to help us build differentiation in our portfolio & Proposal management plan. While we set high goals and standards for the assignment, iknowvate by leveraging their Knowledge Frameworks delivered the outcome on a variable fee model with eases and panache.
    Their strength resides in their ability to interpret our ideas; develop a thorough project scope; and synthesize market relevant data. As future projects arise, we will consider working with iknowvate as our Strategic consulting partner."

    A leading Hospitality & Leisure Major

  • "iknowvate demonstrated very strong understanding of our M&A requirement by presenting quality data and used methodologies developed by them at their Center. They understood our challenges well and managed the M&A lifecycle with tremendous dedication and focus. Their M&A reports can be rated as one of the best in Industry."
    A leading FMCG major

  • "iknowvate´s approach to strategic consulting is grounded and real.Their ability to advice, hand hold, execute & stay engaged until the steady state has been a learning & understanding of how important execution is beyond strategy. Their ability to continuously engage with the client gives the client the confidence of results & outcomes in a predictable manner"
    A leading Insurance major

Our Value Proposition

iknowvate offers and provides a very unique value proposition to its customers Globally. One of the key reasons for receiving repeat business from its existing customers is this unique value proposition which is based on the iknowvate Framework and Methodology to provide Advisory & Consulting Services.

Our Value proposition is built on some key business fundamentals and imperatives which are listed below:

Commitment to customer outcomes & results

This is our unique differentiator. We not only commit outcomes but take full and complete ownership and accountability of delivering promised outcomes. We forecast business results & outcomes at the beginning of our engagement with our customers and periodically provide a line of sight from the "as is stage" to the "Go to final stage" of the project engagement. Our ability to transition customer business at a rapid pace ensures we are always connected to the outcomes and gives us the unique ability to make changes as an when required before it is too late.

Agility and speed in decision making resulting in quality analysis & action

Our key strength and forte is SPEED. We help customers make quick decisions based on our well researched discovery and analytical dashboards and this in turn helps in drastically reducing the time from concept to commissioning. Many of these frameworks and newer frameworks are undergoing continuous improvement at ICBF.

Outcome based Variable Professional Fee Model

This is a first in the Advisory and Consulting Industry space. We are the only company who build a Professional Fee model based on the principle of Variability. While our guaranteed fees are low the variable fees are purely and completely tied up to business outcomes which are committed and agreed with the customer at the Discovery and Scope stage of the Consulting project. In over 200 Consulting projects that we have delivered so far our success rate of receiving the variable fees which is resident on delivering outcomes is 100%.

Access to high quality & value domain expertise

Our large and accomplished talent pool with capabilities in consulting, advice, research and execution ensures continuity for our customers at all times. We have always provided seamless support to our customers by leveraging our large global talent pool. Our multidisciplinary talent pool across multiple industry verticals & industries comes from various sources like industry and academia. This ensures that we are current and have the ability to provide the latest and relevant advice.

Our partnerships enable on demand availability of Subject matter experts at very short notice and quick turnaround times. While doing this we ensure that we maintain our committed cost and time lines without changing them unless due to unavoidable circumstances. Our customers respect us for having delivered high quality domain experts at reasonable costs in very tight time lines.

Global Collaborative Model & Network

We have a Global Network of over 400 Partner Associate Firms who work very closely with us on our customer projects. At any point of time, over 50% of our partners are engaged in our projects and this has enabled and helped us build a seamless Collaboration Model which operates on the premise of TRUST & CUSTOMER FIRST. Our Collaboration strategy is engrained with our key business principles of Quality, Reasonable Cost and on time delivery. Unless on some occasions we have delivered all our customer projects in time every time.

Long term engagement & association

Our commitment to engaging with our customers on a long term basis and preparing ourselves for the long haul has resulted in customers reposing increasing confidence in us and our Partner ecosystem. One of our hallmarks is that we DO NOT provide advice, collect our professional fees and walk away. We stay engaged with our customers over the complete and entire life cycle of the execution life cycle and hand hold their teams by providing expert help and guidance. This is one of the main reasons why 80% of our new business is repeat business from our existing customers.

Value Proposition

iknowvate Value Proposition

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