• "Our relationship with iknowvate has deepened significantly in the last 12 months. The team brings to bear a unique combination of industry knowledge, insightful thinking, ability to go deep on an industry, and capability to deliver actionable recommendations"
    Leading Manufacturing major

  • "We have learnt a lot working with iknowvate; they have proven to be the best compared to many consulting majors .iknowvate is thorough, modest and excellent"
    Leading Systems Integration & Technology Distribution Company

  • "We have extensively used iknowvate in many strategic assignments and always found their input and their recommendations to be of very high order both in terms of quality as well as value"
    A leading FMCG Company

  • "We needed advice on an Entry strategy and action plan into a new business segment in India. The work done by iknowvate was comprehensive, detailed and most importantly provided insight into where and how to invest as also the required scale to be cost competitive. Iknowvate leveraged their Center for Frameworks & delivered on their commitments on time. We have since worked with iknowvate on 6 additional projects. They continue to deliver high quality with commitment and are cost effective."
    A leading Services Major Headquartered in the US

  • "The dedication, commitment and diligence demonstrated by the iknowvate Business Strategy vertical has continuously challenged us and kept us ahead in our business."
    A manufacturing major based in the Middle East

  • "We engaged iknowvate´s Business Specialisation vertical to help us build differentiation in our portfolio & Proposal management plan. While we set high goals and standards for the assignment, iknowvate by leveraging their Knowledge Frameworks delivered the outcome on a variable fee model with eases and panache.
    Their strength resides in their ability to interpret our ideas; develop a thorough project scope; and synthesize market relevant data. As future projects arise, we will consider working with iknowvate as our Strategic consulting partner."

    A leading Hospitality & Leisure Major

  • "iknowvate demonstrated very strong understanding of our M&A requirement by presenting quality data and used methodologies developed by them at their Center. They understood our challenges well and managed the M&A lifecycle with tremendous dedication and focus. Their M&A reports can be rated as one of the best in Industry."
    A leading FMCG major

  • "iknowvate´s approach to strategic consulting is grounded and real.Their ability to advice, hand hold, execute & stay engaged until the steady state has been a learning & understanding of how important execution is beyond strategy. Their ability to continuously engage with the client gives the client the confidence of results & outcomes in a predictable manner"
    A leading Insurance major

Delivery Model

While the engagement resources stay connected with the project and ensure to complete the agreed scope and also incorporate the required changes in collaboration with the solution architects, they ensure to have the pre identified delivery teams and locations from iknowvate, ICBF & the Partner Associates collaborate to deliver seamless delivery.

The methodologies and frameworks researched & developed at ICBF are built with a large number of solution & delivery accelerators.These accelerators ensure on time delivery and provides the unique advantage of standardisation,replicability & repeatability to Global customers with multiple locations wherein the services are delivered and need to be delivered with an objective of being same-same-same.

iknowvate's delivery model is founded on some well researched and proven collaborative principles.While these collaborative principles ensure accurate services design understanding but this also brings in the various advantages that can be leveraged for the customer as listed below.

  • Onsite Delivery from the customer location
  • Remote delivery from the iknowvate and or Partner Associate location
  • Hybrid delivery model whereby a combination of the Customer,iknowvate ( ICBF) & the Partner Associate is leveraged for delivery

The above mentioned collaborative principles which are delIvered using the iknowvate Framework foundation researched & developed at ICBF ensures to deliver the scoped services to the customer;

  • On Time
  • With Zero defect
  • Reasonable cost
  • Standardisation
  • Industrialisation
  • Repeatability
  • Replicability

Delivery Model

iknowvate Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model

Global Resource Delivery Model

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